Who We Are - Get to Know the Team

At BestCasinoSites.ie we’re dedicated to publishing top-quality content for our readers. Although we’re a small team of just four people, the energy and enthusiasm we have for our jobs allow our creative freedom to flow. We’re always bouncing ideas off each other in an effort to find the best solution to a problem, and we believe that positive communication in the office is vital to our development as not just group members within a team, but also as friends.

Having met one another a few years ago as part of a team for a separate project, we realised that we all had common interests. One of these was and still is, playing at online casinos. Following numerous discussions about how we could put this to good use, we came to the conclusion that developing a website where we can share our views with others about our favourite hobby is the best way forward.

Below, you’ll see a few personally written sentences from each member of our team. Hopefully, you enjoy meeting us!

Meet Our Team!


Hi, I’m Ciaran and writing this paragraph feels like a throwback to my days in school! My job at BestCasinoSites.ie is an editorial role, and I oversee every project before it’s released on the site. I guess you could say I’m the boss...but I don’t think the others would agree (looking at you, Emily!). My favourite online casino game genre is probably slots - pretty standard, I know. You can’t go wrong with a good slot game, though, especially the ones made by developers like Microgaming or Yggdrasil. I’m still trying to beat my biggest win, which is currently €1,450 on Starburst.


My name is Emily and I’m an online casino fanatic. Seriously, ask me anything about more or less any online casino out there and I’ll probably have the answer somewhere. Playing roulette games is my jam, although I must admit I’m not very good. Bagging a big win is something I’m still striving for, as my current best is just €300 in around seven years of playing!

Away from playing online, I enjoy telling Ciaran what to do in the office. I’m joking! In all honesty, I live quite a sheltered life away from work, with most of my spare time occupied by my Labrador, Jessie. Keeping up with her antics is impossible sometimes, but she’s great.


Hello there. I suppose this is my biography, of sorts. My name is Jonathan, and I’m the youngest of the crew - although oftentimes, I feel the most intelligent. Working with this small group of people has been wonderful over the last couple of years, and I genuinely hope that I can continue doing so for a long time to come. In the team, I do most of the research and fact-checking. Basically, if you see a fact regarding a bonus or a cool detail about customer support, I’m probably the guy who found it. I think everyone would agree that I’m the least invested in online casinos as such, I’m more intrigued about the business behind them, and trying to figure out where the next big industry move is coming from.

That said, I still enjoy playing every now and then. My most impressive return was €700 last October, although Emily insists it doesn’t count because it was boosted as part of a welcome offer.


Hi, how’re you doing? I’m Robert, although nearly everybody I know calls me Robbie. Since getting to know the other three people behind BestCasinoSites.ie, I’ve grown to love everything about online casino games and news. Is there anything quite like taking home a massive win at a casino site you’ve just created an account with? I don’t think so.

My favourite type of game is anything Live Casino related, like roulette, casino hold ‘em, blackjack etc. I do enjoy slots and jackpot games, but the rush I get from the Live Casino is simply unmatched. At the time of writing my little bio, my best win stands at €3,220, which was won about five or six months ago. You can rest assured I spent that money wisely! Outside of work, my main interests are playing golf and reading. I take a lot of pleasure from relaxing during my downtime.